Website Maintenance

Keeping your site current generates interest from your visitors and hopefully results in business and more customers. We offer several different options to maintain your site.

Maintenance on an As Needed Basis
Perhaps you only need changes a few times per year, or less. 1 Stop Web Solutions can take care of your needs at an hourly rate to keep your content current as you experience these changes, such as contact information, staff, etc. or--

Maintenance Agreement
If you anticipate that your site will need to be updated frequently, and do not wish to do it yourself with E-Z Suite, a Maintenance Agreement is your solution.

A Maintenance Agreement can be implemented any time before, during or after the site has been built. The benefits of a Maintenance Agreement are a 25% discount on our hourly rate. The Agreement includes a minimum on one hour per month. You will be billed for that hour whether you use it or not. Time above the included hour is billed in 15 minute increments.

If you choose a Maintenance Agreement for your website, we review it every three months, and if you are not needing the updates, we will recommend that you discontinue/cancel the Agreement.

Our Unique 15 Minute Rule
If you have a minor change for your website that takes us 15 minutes or less (and this is often the case), we do have our 15 Minute Rule. Simply stated, if your change takes us 15 minutes or less, we do not charge you for that time. This rule is for one change per month that takes 15 minutes or less. If you are frequently needing little changes, a maintenance agreement should be discussed at that point.

Policies & Turnaround Time
Maintenance requests received before noon will be completed by noon the following business day. Requests received after noon will be completed by noon the second business day. Maintenance requests must be submitted in writing, via fax or e-mail.

Do It Yourself with E-Z Suite
E-Z Suite is a suite of tools that help you update your website. E-Z Page allows you to change and add pages to your existing website structure. It is very simple to use and requires No knowledge of HTML or other Web Software. If you can fill out a form on a website, you can use E-Z Page. The text window features a familiar looking toolbar which allows you to format text, create bulleted lists, and even create tables. You can upload images for use on your site as well, and don't worry, if the picture is huge, we have magickal (sic) tools on our server which will optimize the image and size it properly for placement on your page.
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