Content Management with E-Z Suite

E-Z Suite is what is commonly called a Content Management System or CMS. E-Z Suite is a toolsuite of website maintenance and interactivity tools. It has 5 different components and you can choose which of those components you wish to use on your website. When using E-Z Suite, the user logs in to a protected area of the site where E-Z Suite resides.

Manage Page Content with E-Z Page
E-Z Page allows you to change and add pages to your existing website structure. It is very simple to use and requires No knowledge of HTML or other Web Software. If you can fill out a form on a website, you can use E-Z Page. The text window features a familiar looking toolbar which allows you to format text, create bulleted lists, and even create tables. You can upload images for use on your site as well, and don't worry, if the picture is huge, we have magickal (sic) tools on our server which will optimize the image and size it properly for placement on your page.

Manage Your Dynamic Web Calendar with E-Z Calendar
E-Z Calendar is a web based calendar where you can add events and details about those events. The advantage of using E-Z Calendar is that when a date of an event has passed that you have entered in the calendar, it no longer displays on the public calendar page, which keeps your website constantly updated which is always a recommended practice if you have a website. E-Z Calendar, like E-Z Page is web based. If you can fill out a web form, you can use E-Z Calendar. Again, it's easy!

Custom Photo Albums with E-Z Photo
E-Z Photo is a simple to use photo gallery. Here, you can create photo albums, caption your albums and pictures, and organize them. Why use E-Z Photo when you can get a free account with something like ShutterflyT? Because E-Z Photo will be the same theme as your website as part of your website.

E-Z E-mailer
E-Z Emailer is basically a mailing list tool. It gathers email addresses from your visitors who choose to leave them. It includes a privacy policy assuring your subscribers that they will not be spammed or have their names sold to outside parties. It also includes with each mailing they receive, and opt-out option. If a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe, no action is required by you, the website owner. E-Z Emailer has the functionality built in to delete the subscriber from the mailing list. On the administrative end, you can wish to be notified each time someone subscribes, and you can view your mailing list at any time.

The broadcast message function of E-Z Emailer sends a message in both HTML and plain text. What does that mean? Simply put, the visitor will receive, if their e-mail client (i.e. Outlook) supports it, a colorful message from you, with links to your site, encouraging them to visit. As mentioned, every message will also contain an opt-out link if the subscriber no longer wishes to receive e-mail broadcast messages from your site.

E-Z Store
E-Z Store allows you to manage your online inventory and your storefront. Add items to your store, photos, pricing information, etc.

E-Z Link
This system makes it easy to have a links page where you can sort your links by category and add and edit them easily.